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The goal of LJI is to stimulate discussions and let you have your say on authentic content (By curbing fake news) using our innovative interactive broadcast management system including an automatic dynamic creation of groups.

The Problem

In our current social media, we are filled with fake news and redundant news from various sources. Research has shown that fake news hurts social media and online-based outlets far worse than traditional print and TV outlets. On social networks, the reach and effects of information spread occur at such a fast pace and so amplified that distorted, inaccurate or false information acquires a tremendous potential to cause real-world impacts, within minutes, for millions of users. Our say in social media goes unnoticed in a matter of seconds because of the sheer amount of users and an unorganized form of chat/Comment system. The content creators often spend a lot of money in their content and they get invariable pay via social media. There is uncertainty on the revenue that can be generated via their content.

How We Solved It

We built a unique way of engagement that stimulates small group discussions yet gives the feel of being part of the insights from discussions from a wider group. This commenting algorithm is Patented pending in 25+ countries.

We also introduced a programmatic advertising algorithm that remunerates the content creators as well as increases the revenue to the platform significantly. This algorithm is unique and first of its kind in social media.

The Outcome

We created a platform dedicated to sharing content for people to interact and view in a very unique way. Only authentic mainstream organisations and media will be posting content thereby curtailing fake news by inauthentic sources.

We created an interactive broadcast management system including an automatic dynamic creation of groups of online participants to form or reform chat rooms based on any one or more of: the number of people joining a sub chat room; the amount of interaction of those people; and the range of opinions of those people; and as a result of one or more of those reviews an automatic change in: the size of the chat room; ranking of people in that chat room; and the number of people to be selected from each chat room to form a pool of engaging participants. Using our unique algorithm, now we can see what the best, worst and most engaged comments are at a glance. You can also switch between multiple discussions within the same program and across multiple programs.

We have designed the platform in a way that the organisations could monetize content in a unique way which would then bring them a pre-decided fixed revenue for the content creators directly.

Why Our Work Stands Out

Through our solution, we were able to curtail fake news to a very large degree which gives a fresh breath of air for everyone.

We co-invented the interactive broadcast management system which automatically and dynamically creates groups which we have also Patented.