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Birthed out of a passion to see change, both through technology and through people, Ruah Tech has as its core value to help grow business multifold through clean design, simplified process, cutting edge applications and secured flow of data.

We laugh a lot, we love people and we believe in humanity, but alongside our crazy dreams and life changing projects, what always leaps out when you meet us is that,

We are committed to:
Journeying with you (We are in for the long haul), Be transparent (That Integrity thing, we care about it a lot), Watch you succeed (The ‘why’ behind our existence)

We have delivered more than 150+ projects with clients from all continents and we look forward to changing the world with you.

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An out of the world experience, we take you bTo do away with the outdated ...
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Let’s Join In

The goal of LJI is to stimulate discussions and let you have your say on ...
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To remove malware and backdoor on Advocates International Website, that is accessed by their 50,000 ...
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The goal of Trade IT is to step into the digital market with a disruptive ...
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The Future of Marketing with Augmented Reality

To add an interactive and immersive add-on in a paper-based advertisement system by using Augmented ...
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DARQ Stands for Distributed Ledger / Artificial Intelligence / Extended Reality / Quantum Computing Technology

We are in the post digital era, where everything imaginable in speed, size and structure are disrupted by better, stronger and faster solutions.

From centralisation to decentralisation through DLT & Blockchain technology, from simple screen projections to complex extended reality, from calculated solutions to sequential self learning Artificial Intelligence algorithms, from supercomputers to a whole new era of Quantum computing, welcome to the new normal. This is the future and it is here now!

Technology keeps evolving, and we at Ruah Tech, always strive to be one step ahead to give our clients an unfair advantage above the rest!

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